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CF Legal Document Preparation and Notary Services, LLC (“CFLDPAS”) is a Florida limited liability company. We are not lawyers and we do not provide legal representation, legal advice or legal advocacy in any way, shape or form. Since we are not attorneys, no attorney- client relationship is established by using our services. As such, we are forbidden from communicating with the court, opposing counsel, or judicial staff on your behalf on your legal matter. We provide clerical help to persons representing themselves in a legal matter, preparing documents as specified by our customers. We assist self-representing individuals with clerical tasks so that they can handle their legal matters on their own. 

Although we do offer an initial phone call to discuss your needs and our services at no charge, Our services are provided virtually via email thereafter as much as possible. As such, it is your responsibility to monitor your emails both from us and the court. This is so that we can continue to provide services to all our customers throughout the State of Florida at a low-cost flat fee and timely manner. This will also allow our customers to work on their individual matter from the safety of their own home or office in their own time.

Using our website and purchasing the services our company offers means that you are acting as a pro-se litigant representing yourself. Our business provides online virtual clerical services such as typing and procedural assistance. Initial payments or deposits on projects are non-refundable. Once a professional legal document preparer has been appointed to provide tailor-made services suitable for your needs. They will also set up and launch everything.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Lamentably, Refunds are not provided if a court decision is not what you had desired, or if the processing of your case is slowed down by the legal system or by having help in electronic filing. Using our website and our services is in no way a substitute for the advice of an attorney. Any legal advice you may need should be obtained through your own research or consultations with licensed Florida attorneys that specialize in the area of law where you are seeking to represent yourself.

Our business can only provide self-help, nonlawyer document preparation services at our customer’s specific direction. We make every effort to streamline and simplify the clerical process so that you can handle your own situation if and when you may need to be self-represented in court if you wish. Using our services is “at your own risk” regarding the outcome of any legal issue as we are not responsible for the outcome of any matter. It is your responsibility to proofread and approve any legal documents before they are filed. We can tell you where and when something must be filed, but we cannot advise in any way about the merits of filing any particular form or any substantive details about how it should be filled out and filed.

In most instances, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire. It will be imperative for you to complete and answer all the questions in its entirety. Once we receive the questionnaire from you, the process will be started shortly thereafter. Should you request any significant changes to be made after this point, we reserve the right to charge a change fee of not less than $50. This also applies to any jobs and/or documents that have been abandoned to the point of becoming “stale” or lying dormant, etc.

We do not accept responsibility for any negative consequences linked with our services, website or any websites associated. We make no promise that any legal service will be effective and it is the user's responsibility to refer to the correct forms and detail how they should be filled out. Document reformatting instruction does not *replace a lawyer's services.

You are utilizing our services for convenience and there is absolutely no information that can be obtained from us that you could not obtain from the clerk of the court where you intend to file the documents. The type of information, the same as the information that is routinely supplied by the clerks of the courts such as fees, time limits and methods available for filing forms. When such basic procedural information is provided for convenience, it is expected that the self-represented customers will double-check it with the court before filing the documents.

You are responsible for monitoring your emails daily both from us and also the court and checking your documents carefully. Our turn-around-time on preparing documents/forms are very fast. We generally can have all documents prepared within a matter of 5-7 business days; however, usually much quicker. We assume no liability for any content, errors or omissions. Our services are offered without any express or implied warranty. We will correct any clerical errors that are pointed out to us by a customer, but we are not responsible for any errors that remain in a document after it is inspected and approved by a customer.

Nothing about the name of our business or any of the titles that are used on our website or any other type of writing describing the work we do at our business should be construed as offering legal advice. We use the titles “Legal Document Preparer”, “Legal Doc Prep”, and “Legal Document Assistant”, “Document Specialist”, “Legal Document Specialist,” to refer to our clerical services which does not include offering legal advice. None of our owners, officers or employees is an attorney licensed to practice law in the State of Florida.

We are happy to assist in efiling your documents with the court; however, please note these accounts are created in your name and all communications are directly between you and the court. Should there be any issues or questions directed to you regarding the efiling, this is your responsibility to reach out to us to let us know so we can try to help. If there is any question as to what the clerk may need further from you or you do not understand what the issue is with the efiling, it is your responsibility to contact the clerk directly for clarification as they will not speak with us.

You should be aware that you should not undertake paying for forms to be prepared without a full understanding of your legal rights obtained through consultation with an attorney licensed to practice law in Florida. A matter that may have seemed simple when you commenced it as a self-represented litigant might later become contested and complicated at some point in the legal process. You should understand that you are taking a risk by self-representing and can change your mind at any time and hire an attorney to represent you. Starting out as a self-represented litigant does not obligate you to continue in that manner. You have a right to change from self-representation to being represented by an attorney at any point in your case. Should you find yourself in this position, you should contact the Florida Bar’s Attorney Referral Service to find an attorney near you that practices the specialty your litigation involves.

We encourage you to be completely informed about the risks you take by representing yourself in Florida courts. The Florida Bar has published a consumer information pamphlet titled: Hiring the Right Person to Help Me With My Legal Problems. This pamphlet discusses problems you can encounter by using a nonlawyer instead of a licensed attorney, and it explains why Document Preparers working with the general public not permitted to use the title of “Paralegal”, unless they are supervised by a licensed Florida attorney who is responsible for their work.

If you decide to use the document preparation services that are offered by our business, you will be asked to electronically sign a “Notice of Limitation of Services Provided and Disclosure From NonLawyer” form. The signing of this form will be formal knowledge of the services we provide, that we are not lawyers and do not provide legal advice, that you are acting as your own counsel as a pro-se, self-representing litigant.

We do not offer paralegal services to self-represented or pro se individuals as defined by Florida law. In Florida, a paralegals work under the supervision of an attorney and we have no attorneys in this office and you are not an attorney. We do not hold ourselves out as paralegals, law clerks or legal assistants or give the impression that we are qualified to practice law or give legal advice.
You can find the Pamphlet from the Florida Bar included here. This will help you gain accurate information.