Certified translations are for official uses where your receiver requires certification to verify that the translation is complete and accurate. This type of translation is commonly required for submission to U.S. Immigration (USCIS), universities, courts and many local, state, and federal governments.

The translation must be a literal (word-for-word) translation of all visible text to satisfy the complete requirement. Translators cannot add/remove text or interpret the meaning behind the text. For vital documents such as birth certificates that requirement doesn't typically prove to be noticeable, but for other types of documents that contain full sentences with more nuance it can undoubtedly be. This requirement is vital for your receiver so that they can have confidence that the translation exactly represents the original source material.

The translation certification must attest to the fact that the translation was performed by a qualified translator fluent in the language pair to satisfy the accurate requirement. We only use professional human translators and 100% of our workforce meets this requirement. An authorized signer attests to this fact on the certification. We also include free revisions to ensure the final translation is 100% accurate.

We take additional steps when preparing your translation packet to ensure acceptance by the widest range of receivers. We provide all certified translations on company letterhead with order and page numbers across all pages along with our contact info and ATA corporate member number. Our certification also specifies that the translator has no relation, personal or otherwise, to the owner of the document and when needed we can have the certification notarized to authenticate the identity of the authorized signer and provide you with the original copies including wet ink signatures.


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Translation Process Overview

  • .Prepare Your Documents

When wanting to get Documents translated you do not need to send us the original version. Sending us a file such as PDF, JPEG, PNG, or DOC is acceptable. It's important that whatever Document you're sending us is structured and readable, as our team requires clear, exact wording for an accurate translation.

Obtain Your Word Count

The cost of a certified or standard translation is based on the number of words in your documents. Certified translations are charged by page, where each page contains up to 250 words.

If you are unsure of your word count, please request a quote and our support team will be happy to provide the word count for you along with a total price and estimated turnaround time.

The cost of a document is determined by the number of pages. For every 250 words, one page will be added to the total price; any additional words above 1,000 up until 1,250 are counted as an extra page and so on in increments of 250.

Once you have emailed your document following the necessary established requirements, it should now be ready for you within 24 hours.
Price per page: $24.99
Price per word (for documents less than one page): $0.25m per word.